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Crypto Kindie

Tell us a few words about yourself and what sparked your interest in crypto. I’m a software engineer who’s always up for a challenge and loves learning about new tech. I got into crypto because the idea of decentralized currency (the Bitcoin whitepaper blew my mind) and blockchain technology intrigued me. I saw the potential […]

Vestinda Timothy James Crypto interview featured image

Tell us a few words about yourself and what made you enthusiastic about crypto. My name is Timothy James, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, and a Quantitative Economist. Was a Naval Officer and Pentagon analyst for several years. Have been investing in the financial markets since 2007 and came to crypto in 2019. The volatility […]

Vestinda Duo Nine Crypto interview featured image

Give us the lowdown on who you are and what inspired you to start a crypto community. I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 and I am still here after three crypto cycles (2014 – 2017 – 2021). Buying your first crypto is a big leap of faith, especially if you did it almost a […]

Alex Numeris

Please introduce yourself and your project My name is Alex Numeris, CEO at and advisor for /, some of the biggest media platforms in the world. I have been running an SEO Agency since 2015, I have ranked top 3 most challenging keywords in the world, and I am running some […]

crypto interview Irina stancu

Please introduce yourself and your project Investitii pe tocuri (EN: Investing in high heels) I am a finance girl, ex-banker and currently working in IT as a business analyst (mostly for banking projects, including investment banking, retail banking, anti-money laundering). I’m very passionate about investments and I invest since 2017. Since I became a mom […]