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dan rusu crypto interview

Tell us who Dan Rusu is and what made you enthusiastic about financial markets. I started my career in finance back in 2005 at what is now the leading brokerage house in Romania. A late 90s documentary depicting a few notable geeks making fortunes during the dot-com bubble by trading stocks in the comfort of […]

Emilie Reich Crypto Interview

Tell us who Emilie Reich is and what made you enthusiastic about crypto: Ok, so a bit about me as a person: I’m 18 years young. I just graduated from high school. I absolutely love travelling and for almost 2 years now, my dream is to travel the world and basically do whatever I want […]

Alex Hobincu

Vestinda partnered with Alex Hobincu Get access to his automated trading strategies Read more Tell us who is Alex Hobincu and what drives him to create content about the crypto ecosystem Basically, Hobincu is one of the many traders who struggled at the beginning of the crypto trading space in Romania. By the time my […]

Vestinda Interview: Tech Hustler featured image

Tell us who Tech Hustler is and what made you enthusiastic about crypto As far as I can remember I always wanted to make money. Before I could legally work I was cutting neighbours’ lawns, washing cars and even making a few bucks selling baseball cards. After 5 years in the US military, I was […]