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Word from our CEO

We are witnessing defining moments in an industry that innovated at the edge of society. We all have seen how the past week played out, especially for retail investors. Vestinda and our users were not affected by the turbulence in the market, but we sympathize with those who were. This should never happen. At Vestinda, […]

What Are Futures In Trading?

In a world filled with uncertainties, making a solid, fail-proof plan is like adding HVAC systems to your home in the summer to maintain warmth during the winter— this is what futures is all about. Futures are agreements between buyers and sellers to sell/buy a commodity at a particular price at a future date/time. This […]

What is MultiversX (former Elrond)?

Blockchain networks have sourced different scalability solutions over the years to compete with traditional finance systems like VISA. While VISA processes about 55,000 transactions per second, Bitcoin can only process about seven transactions per second. This is not sustainable in the long run, as the goal of blockchain is to make financial operations easier and […]

A Guide to Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLVT)

A leveraged token is a short-term investment vehicle that lets traders reap the benefits of leverage with no margin or liquidation risks. Unlike other leveraged tokens, Binance Leverage Tokens (BLVTs) aren’t designed to maintain constant leverage, rather they are designed to aim for a range of variable leverage. In this guide, you will learn: what BLVTs […]

Ethereum 2.0 Roadmap

The Ethereum network has experienced quite some upgrades since its inception. However, it seems that the road to growth has not ended for Ethereum. The network is set to launch Ethereum 2.0 soon, offering speed, scalability, and efficiency. Enough of the outlandish consensus mechanisms governing Ethereum. The Ethereum network will soon be reborn, bringing the […]

Crypto Technical Analysis Explained

A good investor needs to enter the crypto market with an adequate strategy in their bank. After all, countless events have shown the complexity of the crypto market. But how can an investor properly strategize? One option is to employ suitable technical analysis methods. Learn more about crypto technical analysis in this article.  What is […]

Crypto Arbitrage Explained

A huge amount of cryptocurrency is traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges daily. Unknown to some, you can profit off of price differences in these crypto exchanges. This process is referred to as crypto arbitrage. Learn more about earning from crypto arbitrage, its types, and benefits from this article.  What is crypto arbitrage? Crypto arbitrage refers […]

Crypto Winter Explained

Investors celebrated as the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin reached its all-time high at the beginning of 2022. Suddenly, the crypto winter surfaced, causing a series of plunging assets that greatly affected investors. The unfortunate event led to doubts and confusion in the market. To some, this event was their first introduction to the crypto winter. This begs the […]

Bull vs. Bear Markets

Amid all the talk about crypto and the stock market, you may observe that market performance just boils down to one of two descriptions: Bull vs. Bear markets. But what exactly are these terms and how do they relate to the stock market? Learn more about the bull and bear markets in this article.  What […]