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Give us the lowdown on who you are and what inspired you to start a crypto community.

I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 and I am still here after three crypto cycles (2014 – 2017 – 2021). Buying your first crypto is a big leap of faith, especially if you did it almost a decade ago. The more I read and learned about Bitcoin the more bullish I became. I first heard about it in 2013 and by 2014 I had to pull the trigger. Always trust your gut and take some risks in life, it can be extremely rewarding. Usually, the things you are afraid of in life are the ones that will net you the biggest rewards if you choose to face them.

People call me Duo Nine based on my Twitter handle. I did not come up with that name myself, rather a member of my community did and the rest is history. I am also a seasoned technical analyst and you will find me posting charts and opinions on the latest trends in the market on a regular basis. You can find my main social media channels here.

I decided to create Your Crypto Community (YCC) during the last bull market (2021) to help new crypto enthusiasts just like me in 2014. I grew tired of all the scams and pump & dump crypto communities that had no intrinsic value. So why not create my own community? A safe space to onboard and guide new members to crypto. I love creating online communities around my passions as I’ve been doing it since 2006. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about crypto in the past 10 years and what is the point of that if you don’t share it with others? Even the name highlights my intention – it’s supposed to be YOUR community. Discord is one of the best tools for that.

What does your community have to offer? Who can join it?

First and foremost a safe space in crypto that can guide you toward financial independence. Anyone can join YCC and all my content is free. By being part of my community you have a better chance to avoid scams, ponzis, rugs, and getting rekt in general. Some call me legendary for predicting the collapse of the Terra ecosystem five months in advance (posted my first warning in January 2022). Some members saved millions by selling their Luna and UST before the May 2022 collapse that saw a $50 billion ecosystem crash to 0. I also encourage members to help each other, share alpha and flag any risks.

YCC is a different type of crypto community that focuses on the person behind the profits first. With over 3,000 members and 40,000 followers, our main objective is to be bullish on your long-term success. I also post trading ideas and signals on a regular basis to guide members. This includes technical analysis and any alpha I have to share.

Members can also choose to become patrons of YCC. Patrons have their own private channels where they can exchange in a more exclusive group. As a thank you, we also reward outstanding members on a monthly basis based on their activity. Our community payouts vary between $100 to $300. To be selected, you need to be nominated by other Patrons of our community.

One of your guiding principles is the belief that “Your life quality is measured by your level of freedom”. Could you elaborate on what freedom means to you?

True freedom is achieved when you wake up in the morning and have no plans, no agenda, or schedule to meet. This includes a 9 to 5 job. You are completely free to decide in the present moment what is a priority in that day based on what life brings to your attention at that moment (also known as living in the moment or mindfulness). Such freedom is also scary as a majority of people never experienced it, but this allows you to live in full harmony with the expression of life in your daily activities.

To assess the quality of your life, measure how far away you are from that ideal. The farther away you are, the less likely it is that you are free. Bitcoin is the first global form of money that gives you unprecedented financial freedom. What I mean by that is that no one can steal your wealth or dilute it if you hold it in Bitcoin. This allows you to wake up in the morning without worrying that your money will be devalued overnight as it happened to the Lebanese and Egyptian pound or Turkish lira. People in Lebanon woke up on 1 February 2023 to the news that their currency was devalued by 90%.

Financial freedom is a tangible step to achieving that ideal and until Bitcoin was invented, this was not possible. In the case of gold, the state could confiscate it from you against your will. This is not possible with Bitcoin.

What’s your strategy for earning on your crypto?

The best strategy is to accumulate in bear markets and sell on the way up in bull markets. However, never sell all your Bitcoin. Keep some forever and never sell it. Wait for it to reach $1 million or more and borrow against it (use it as collateral). This way you never have to sell your Bitcoin which is the hardest form of money on the planet. History shows that the hardest form of money always wins as people slowly migrate towards it to protect their wealth. Never mistake or compare Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies. There is nothing like it. I wrote a substack newsletter on why that is which you can find here.

I also like to trade and share my technical analysis for feedback and input on TradingView. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I don’t recommend trading for most people (95% are net losers). The best strategy is to accumulate Bitcoin and hold it with a long time horizon (2030 and beyond). Think of it as your retirement and make sure you store it in a cold wallet such as Ledger. If you want to trade or invest in other cryptocurrencies then you are welcome in my community for more guidance where I mentor members and post regular ideas on the market.

Why cryptocurrencies are disrupting the world as we know it?

Bitcoin is the first global implementation of a form of sound money that cannot be diluted, abused, or corrupted. You can transfer wealth instantly across the planet without any third parties. Trust is not required as Bitcoin is decentralized and can’t be censored. We never had this option in the past and it offers a viable alternative to the fiat-based system which allows states to finance violence against people’s will by debasing their currency. Bitcoin also offers us the first opportunity in our known history to separate money from the state just like the church and state were separated in the past.

BTC is above nation-states and it shows that the future is decentralized. It was also predicted in 1997 in the book called “The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age”. I recommend everyone to read that book to understand where we are in the world right now and where we are headed.

What unique challenges do you see in the cryptocurrency space currently and how do you see the industry addressing these issues in the near future?

Bitcoin and the innovations that are emerging from that, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, will make most nation-states obsolete, for the most part. Bitcoin also rewards good behavior and governance. Corrupt states and governments will quickly lose access to funds to sustain themselves once Bitcoin’s adoption picks up as people with wealth and money will no longer stay or invest in such places.

This means Bitcoin and its related innovation will likely face stiff resistance from corrupt and abusive regimes that will aim to curtain and trap people in fiat-based systems that currently serve their interests. This can take the form of unfavorable regulations and limitations on cryptocurrencies. Once Bitcoin will be regarded as a threat to the stability and security of corrupt nation-states or fiat institutions, then we will enter a new stage of global decentralization and fragmentation. For more on that, read the book I mentioned above which was written 26 years ago. Understand that Bitcoin is the first form of money that is incorruptible and actually creates a level playing field for everyone. That in itself deserves the full support of most people, irrespective of where they are located on Earth.

What piece of advice do you wish you’d had as a crypto beginner?

Buy Bitcoin and ignore the rest. 95% of altcoins are created with only one purpose in mind: to take your money away from the true innovator – Bitcoin. Most don’t understand that Bitcoin is not just a number, it is tens of billions in hardware-consuming energy to secure the largest network on the planet after the Internet. This network has intrinsic value. Some of that is expressed in the price of one Bitcoin. You cannot create Bitcoin of out thin air and any forks or copies of Bitcoin are not Bitcoin because they cannot copy its network processing power or hardware backing it.

Nevertheless, innovation in this space is booming and there are gems or altcoins with real use cases that stand out. To help you, read my guide on how to spot gem altcoins here.

Finally, I invite you to join my crypto community so that you are not alone in navigating this space. It moves so fast that it is impossible for one person to be up to date with all emerging trends. You can find all relevant YCC links here.

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