quantitative trading

Statistics simply means collecting data to make informed decisions. In quantitative trading, using statistics is inevitable because the basis of quant trading relies on statistics. Quantitative trading can be defined as a trading strategy formed on quantitative analysis, which uses mathematical techniques to seek out trading opportunities. Big financial corporations mainly use quant trading, as […]

We are witnessing defining moments in an industry that innovated at the edge of society. We all have seen how the past week played out, especially for retail investors. Vestinda and our users were not affected by the turbulence in the market, but we sympathize with those who were. This should never happen. At Vestinda, […]

what are futures

In a world filled with uncertainties, making a solid, fail-proof plan is like adding HVAC systems to your home in the summer to maintain warmth during the winter— this is what futures is all about. Futures are agreements between buyers and sellers to sell/buy a commodity at a particular price at a future date/time. This […]

What is Options Trading

Options feed into the concept of choices. Everyone loves to have a choice when making decisions, and options provide you with the choices to make buying/selling decisions in the financial markets. Like most things, options trading is a double-edged sword with benefits and risks. Before considering the risks and benefits of options, it is essential […]

how to buy bitcoin

You are probably familiar with the world’s largest cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Perhaps you are interested in buying Bitcoin but don’t know where to start. Navigating through the world of Bitcoin as a beginner can be a bit challenging. Don’t fret, we have crafted an easy guide for you. This article will walk you through how […]

what is elrond

Blockchain networks have sourced different scalability solutions over the years to compete with traditional finance systems like VISA. While VISA processes about 55,000 transactions per second, Bitcoin can only process about seven transactions per second. This is not sustainable in the long run, as the goal of blockchain is to make financial operations easier and […]

hedging cryptocurrency

Risks are inevitable in investments. No matter what you’re investing in, there are always risks involved. To curb losses or prevent the losses from being huge, people “hedge” their investments. A hedge is simply placing barriers to prevent or reduce the effects of risks in your investments. Think of hedging as wanting to jump from a […]

what are leveraged tokens

A leveraged token is a short-term investment vehicle that lets traders reap the benefits of leverage with no margin or liquidation risks. Unlike other leveraged tokens, Binance Leverage Tokens (BLVTs) aren’t designed to maintain constant leverage, rather they are designed to aim for a range of variable leverage. In this guide, you will learn: what BLVTs […]

what is cryptography in cryptocurrency

Different professions have different “codes” that only members of that profession understand. This could be specific number sequences, phrases, or words, that have a unique meaning and are used to differentiate operations and send different messages. In cryptocurrency, the codes used to convey messages and “other secrets” are known as cryptography. This article will help […]

what is a crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is a software or device that stores your public and private keys to enable the accessibility and security of your cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallets are similar to physical wallets, but they are not the same. While physical wallets hold your cash, crypto wallets do not store cryptocurrency. Instead, they store public and private […]