Types of crypto tokens and asset tokenization

Tokenization technology and the crypto token economy will change the way assets are exchanged and ownership rights are managed. In this article, we explain how asset tokenization works, and list a number of real-world use cases in which crypto tokens add value by solving existing problems more efficiently. What is asset tokenization? The process of […]

How to build a diversified portfolio

What is a diversified portfolio? How do you build one? And how can a diversified portfolio improve your chances of reaching your financial goals? To create and maintain a diverse portfolio may seem like an overwhelming task. After all, the market has had some big ups and downs over the years. But knowing how to […]

how to use stop-loss and take-profit

Managing profits and losses when performing a trade is key, and beginner traders do not use tools such as Stop-Loss and Take-Profit. The following article will introduce the reasons why you should learn how to use Stop-Loss and Take-Profit as soon as possible, and share some advice for beginner traders. How to Manage Risk in Trading? […]

Difference between market order and limit order

One of the most crucial aspects of making a trade is determining the price levels at which the buying and selling of security will occur. Many traders use one of two methods to make this decision: The market order or limit order. In this piece, we will be diving into the order types, the difference […]

Crypto Market Volatility

A common word used in the discourse of crypto is “volatility”. This is the concept in which crypto and the stock market are built.  But one might ask: What does crypto market volatility mean? In this piece, we will be making sense of the volatility in crypto markets, volatility predictions, and ways to handle it.  […]