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Remembering Jim Simons: The Legend of Algorithmic Trading

The world of finance and mathematics mourns the loss of one of its brightest minds, Dr. Jim Simons, who passed away recently at the age of 86 in New York. Known as the “quant king,” Simons was a true pioneer in the field of algorithmic trading, transforming the landscape of investment with his innovative approaches […]

Vestinda and Bybit Partnership

Bucharest, Romania, March 28, 2024 – Vestinda, the leading trading and investment automation platform offering advanced technology for portfolio automation, announces the partnership with ByBit, the 2nd largest Crypto exchange in the world. This is an important step in Vestinda’s journey to help millions of people across the globe get access to hedge-fund-like investment strategies […]


51% Attack: Meaning, Examples, Prevention

Delving into the intricate world of cryptocurrency, the ominous term “51% attack” lurks as a threat to the very foundation of blockchain security. This nefarious attack, known for its potential to disrupt digital transactions, unveils vulnerabilities within decentralized networks. In this article, we’ll navigate the landscape of the 51% attack, exploring its implications, real-world instances, […]

Crypto Kindie on who will be the biggest winners in the next bull market

Tell us a few words about yourself and what sparked your interest in crypto. I’m a software engineer who’s always up for a challenge and loves learning about new tech. I got into crypto because the idea of decentralized currency (the Bitcoin whitepaper blew my mind) and blockchain technology intrigued me. I saw the potential […]

Community Manager & Builder

At Vestinda, our goal is to become the hyper community for traders and investors around the world. As an AI-driven trading automation platform at the forefront of Web3, Social trading, AI, and communities, we are backed by prominent global investors like Techstars and Banca Sella, and we’re ready to change how a whole new generation thinks […]