Emilie Reich Crypto Interview

Tell us who Emilie Reich is and what made you enthusiastic about crypto:

Ok, so a bit about me as a person: I’m 18 years young. I just graduated from high school. I absolutely love travelling and for almost 2 years now, my dream is to travel the world and basically do whatever I want while having multiple sources of income. Since the last years of high school, I‘ve been interested in finance & stocks, which is why I did a course about trading. After that crypto & NFTs started to boom so become interested in that as well. I really believe crypto is indispensable today and that it will be our future. It’s a fascinating new technology & I love educating people about it.

Who is Emilie behind the crypto influencer profile?

I am a very disciplined & ambitious person & that’s why I started doing “my own thing” right after my graduation. Even though people didn’t understand what I’m doing & wanted me to go to university and live a “normal” life, I started filming youtube videos about investing and tried to start working on my first source of income. After 1 month of doing only YouTube, I started doing TikToks as well & this was probably one of the best decisions ever!In the beginning, it was difficult sometimes because obviously, it didn’t make me any money after just a few videos and followers. However, my followers grew fast and I became absolutely confident with what I’m doing. And another great side effect was: it paid off really quickly. After just one month into filming TikTok, I got my first brand deal.

How did you come up with the idea of building a crypto course for beginners?

My number one goal was and still is, to provide value to my community and to educate people about our future, which in my opinion will be crypto.I love doing TikToks and filming YouTube videos so I thought a FREE crypto course would be the most valuable way of providing content to everyone that wants to learn more about crypto. 

What are the topics that you cover in your course and your videos?

I basically talk about everything investing-related, not only the traditional stock market but also the crypto & NFT market. In my TikToks, I mostly come up with news and I’m trying to keep my community up to date about the latest NFT collections, the best coins to buy right now, web 3, decentralization, new crypto projects or how to profit from a dip in the stock or crypto market. My crypto course on the other hand is, as the name says, solely about crypto. It is for bare beginners so I cover what crypto even is, how it works, what an NFT is, how to buy & store crypto and a lot more. Check it out to learn more!

How do you see blockchain impacting the world moving forward? 

As I said, I believe crypto will be our future. The monetary system we have since as long as we can remember is outdated and pretty much broken. Without going too deep into economics now, I believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies offer many solutions to the problems we have in our current system. The world is moving forward and adding new technologies and systems to the current ones is simply part of that, even if many people are struggling to believe in crypto & have their doubts. Although I wasn’t even born back then, I know that before the world wide web, people refused to believe that they would have cordless telephones one day. With crypto, NFTs and web 3.0 it is similar to the dot com bubble because we have something completely new and people need time to get used to it. 

What’s your asset allocation strategy?

As we should all know, diversification is very important. I have most of my money in rather “safe” assets and only smaller parts of money that I use for riskier investments or even gambling with some coins or trades. I would say the safest investments in traditional finance are for example S&P500 & Gold. In the crypto space, the two “safest” assets are the leaders bitcoin & ethereum. If you want to see the perfect crypto beginner portfolio, check out my TikTok.

What are your top 3 tips that you would give to an inexperienced crypto investor? Why?

First of all, educate yourself, meaning know what you’re doing! Read books, watch youtube videos or trade on demo accounts before you start with real money. Second of all, write down a trading checklist with the 10 most important trading rules, for example, “Never invest more than you can afford to lose” or “Don’t put all your eggs in just one basket”. Just google it and you’ll find a lot of them. Whenever you’re thinking about investing in something, look at the checklist. Other than that, I’d say follow your dreams & never give up! Anything is possible! :)

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Updated on: October 18, 2022