We are witnessing defining moments in an industry that innovated at the edge of society.

We all have seen how the past week played out, especially for retail investors.
Vestinda and our users were not affected by the turbulence in the market, but we sympathize with those who were. This should never happen.

At Vestinda, we are committed to protecting and growing investors’ portfolios.
And we are now even more motivated to build the technology that can make a difference in an ecosystem that is here to stay.

In terms of how things will evolve, here’s one scenario that can play out.

Globally, regulatory frameworks are going to accelerate. When this happens, industry fragmentation will start.
It will first be geographically driven by different regional regulations.
Then, risk-driven by people wanting to use more venues to distribute assets.

Hence more players will win market share from the already established (and monopolistic) ones.

True decentralization can start now. And it will be a mix of technology decentralization driven by DeFI protocols and more CEXes. All with tighter laws and better internal processes.

We will see proof of reserves and proof of liabilities as a standard toolset. We will see more automation in KYC processes or AML rules. We will see enhanced analytics, reporting, and data mining for the benefit of users and asset protection.

All this is technology to be built on top of an infrastructure that is still nascent.

In this scenario, we need the builders, the technologists, the innovators, and the bold ones.