When I started building my investment portfolio I had almost zero knowledge about financial wealth in general, and investing in particular. Driven by curiosity and probably by my (too much) focus on knowledge, I needed to understand the subjects that govern the world. Thank God I am also resilient (and humble seems like). Because wow, there’s so much to grasp…

There are just too many things to cover. First is the ecosystem that we live in. Terms like macroeconomics, total money supply, interest rates, inflation, monetary policy, quantitative easing, recession, etc. Then there are financial literacy terms around investing in particular, like compound interest, budgeting, asset allocation, diversification, asset classes, risk, etc. Then there is a more active space like trading – and terms like strategies, technical analysis and indicators, charts, patterns, psychology, algorithmic trading, etc.

And all of these terms, all of that knowledge, all of the hard work, for a chance at freedom of mind. Others would name it differently, saying money is about power, influence, experiences, travel, retirement, or things you can buy. But for me, it’s mostly about freedom of mind. It’s about amplifying one’s potential and the opportunity to channel that into the greater good of the people around you. Also, for me, (lack of) money is the reason for a loss that marked my life. I’ll write more about this at some point – probably when I’ll be more courageous to share it publicly.

Why Vestinda

I believe that potential is evenly distributed around the planet – yet opportunities are not. And while there are quite a few initiatives to narrow the wealth gap and foster a more inclusive and just society – I feel that each individual can and should craft their path.

That’s why I started Vestinda.

Some think I’m crazy to try and change the world’s financial order from outside – one investor at a time. I think I would be crazy not to. I believe too much in a world where everyone has access to investment opportunities, can build wealth, and reach financial independence while making the most of their lives.

There’s a quote I kept with me for the last decade. One that belongs to a famous hockey player.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

It serves as a daily reminder of the courageous people who dared to challenge the norm. Those who, against all odds, reshaped the very rules that were once deemed unbreakable.

As a former handball player myself, it resonates with me. Think about it for a few more seconds… and let it sink. Remember it next time you think if you should do something new.

Building the Super App for Investment Automation

At Vestinda, we’re throwing everything at our Vision. We’re building the Super App for Investment Automation, aiming to help 100M people grow their investment portfolios with advanced technology that was only available to the ultra-rich – until now.

We don’t only believe it, we’re crazy for this vision, and we’re going to make it a reality 🙂