When we started Vestinda, we were dreaming of this moment – when we can run our money 100% automated, and get returns while we build on what we love.

This is a truly pivotal moment in our journey, that powers our motivation and fuels our efforts towards helping 100M people grow and automate their portfolios, in an automated way.

With a commitment to technological innovation and a strategic focus on diversification and smart exposure to digital assets, particularly top assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Vestinda’s fully automated, multi-strategy internal fund yielded an extraordinary 62% return in 2023.

In this post, I’m sharing the key factors that fueled these results and how the technology we’re building is shaping the future of trading and investing.

Systematic. 100% Automated

At the core of Vestinda’s crypto trading results is a systematic and disciplined methodology. The fund employed algorithmic and systematic trading strategies, leveraging technology to analyze market data, execute trades, and manage risk efficiently. This systematic approach not only enhanced the fund’s decision-making process but also provided a robust framework for navigating the intricacies of the crypto market. A systematic approach means that every decision is rooted in data-driven insights and predefined rules. The systematic nature of the trades in our internal fund enhanced efficiency, and reduced time needed for management. That allowed us to have 70-80 hours of work weeks to focus on building the product.


We implemented directional trading strategies, meaning the strategies took positions based on the expected future price movements of cryptocurrencies. This proactive approach allowed the fund to capitalize on upward market trends. We traded only Long positions in the fund. While the capabilities of the platform allow for Shorting the market, the internal fund did not use any Short strategies. When the market asks for it, we will introduce it most probably – but with a different risk management strategy.

Unleveraged Positions

People are more afraid of losing money than they are excited about making money.

So, in a deliberate move to manage risk prudently, and in line with our vision of targeting inexperienced traders and investors also, the fund maintained 100% unleveraged positions. By refraining from using leverage, we ensured that potential losses were contained and that the portfolio’s stability was preserved. This risk-conscious strategy contributed to the overall resilience and success of the fund in a market known for its inherent volatility.

Crypto Focus – Bitcoin and Ethereum only

In navigating the dynamic and volatile crypto market, our focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum proved to be a strategic move that offered a low risk when compared to the overall crypto market volatility.

One would ask why leave a 2-3x on the table and avoid other assets that grew much more. The answer lies in our commitment to protect investors’ money. And in our pledge to avoid gambling.

While there are degens who managed to do a 3x or 4x during the year, most of those who tried to time meme coins and other pumps lost money – more than 95% of them.

What we used and how it works

We used 90% of the strategies that are available for any user of the platform. It was a mix of the strategies created by the team at Vestinda and by the expert traders who partnered with us and listed their strategies in our Library to be copied by others. Theoretically, anyone could have reproduced the same results. And there are plenty of users who did. 😊

We chose the strategies, we decided how much to allocate to each strategy and we increased/decreased position sizing accordingly over time.


Vestinda’s internal fund performance in 2023, with a super promising 62% return, exemplifies the transformative impact of technology on trading and investing automation.

As we continue to refine the algorithms and expand the platform capabilities, traders and investors can look forward to leveraging the tools that will help them grow and automate their portfolios successfully. The 1 full year success in Live Trading of our internal fund not only marks a milestone in our journey but also serves as an inspiration for us to continue on our road to becoming the Super App for investment automation, showcasing the power of innovation in shaping the future of investments.


We traded our own money – and our users traded their own money.

Vestinda is a technological company, not a hedge fund, and not an investment advisor. We offer the technology for everyone to automate their portfolios.

All information is shared for educational purposes only.