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What Is Quantitative Trading And Which Quant Strategies Work In 2022?

Statistics simply means collecting data to make informed decisions. In quantitative trading, using statistics is inevitable because the basis of quant trading relies on statistics. Quantitative trading can be defined as a trading strategy formed on quantitative analysis, which uses mathematical techniques to seek out trading opportunities. Big financial corporations mainly use quant trading, as […]

What is Options Trading and How Does it Work?

Options feed into the concept of choices. Everyone loves to have a choice when making decisions, and options provide you with the choices to make buying/selling decisions in the financial markets. Like most things, options trading is a double-edged sword with benefits and risks. Before considering the risks and benefits of options, it is essential […]

Why and How to Hedge Cryptocurrency?

Risks are inevitable in investments. No matter what you’re investing in, there are always risks involved. To curb losses or prevent the losses from being huge, people “hedge” their investments. A hedge is simply placing barriers to prevent or reduce the effects of risks in your investments. Think of hedging as wanting to jump from a […]

What Is Cryptography In Cryptocurrency?

Different professions have different “codes” that only members of that profession understand. This could be specific number sequences, phrases, or words, that have a unique meaning and are used to differentiate operations and send different messages. In cryptocurrency, the codes used to convey messages and “other secrets” are known as cryptography. This article will help […]

What Is A Crypto Wallet?

A crypto wallet is a software or device that stores your public and private keys to enable the accessibility and security of your cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallets are similar to physical wallets, but they are not the same. While physical wallets hold your cash, crypto wallets do not store cryptocurrency. Instead, they store public and private […]

Top Crypto Exchanges in 2022

In the world of digital trading, crypto exchanges have helped to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. Cryptocurrency is now getting adopted more than ever with the help of crypto exchanges. Although they might seem simple, there is a lot to dissect with the groundbreaking platforms. This article will take you on a journey […]

Crypto Mining, a Simple Guide

Since its inception, the crypto market has been fascinating to the masses. From its mechanisms to the amazing features it encapsulates, enthusiasts never seem to get enough of it. An even more fascinating concept of crypto is how it is created. Learn more about crypto mining and what it entails in this article.  What is […]

What Is Blockchain And How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered about the mechanisms behind modern-day digital innovations? Perhaps, the forces behind cryptocurrency transactions, NFTs, and smart contracts. Well, all these features listed are possible due to the Blockchain. Blockchain accounts for the decentralization and security of modern-day digital technologies. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Blockchain and explore […]

How To Use Metrics To Improve Your Investment Portfolio

A successful investment portfolio does not come easy. For the longest time, investors have searched for proper investment portfolio management techniques. This is where metrics come in. This article explains the key investment portfolio metrics to help you on your journey through a successful investment.   What are investment portfolio metrics? Investment portfolio metrics are quantitative […]

What Is Copy Trading And Is It Worth It?

The dream of every trader is to get good returns for their investments. But of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. The path to successful trading is even harder as a beginner. What if there was a way to trade just like the experts with little knowledge of trading? This is where […]