Crypto as long term investment

What is long term investment? In order to understand what a long term investment is, let’s break it into its parts as if it was a rocket ship we planned to take to the moon. No pun intended! The word investment is connected with the word ‘invest’. To invest, means to put one’s money in […]

crypto day trading

What is day trading? Day trading is a style of trading in which the trader executes intraday strategies to profit off of short-term volatility in the price of a financial instrument. Unlike swing traders, day traders typically do not hold a position overnight. They finish the day flat regardless of their position won or lost. […]

Guide to paper trading

If you’re a beginner at trading, you have probably heard about paper trading but might not be 100% sure what it is or how it works. This trading mode has been quite a common way to practice for a lot of crypto traders out there, and has established a high level of relevance within the […]

Crypto Portfolio Tracking

Following your crypto portfolio should be as simple as a walk in the park, right? In the always changing crypto market, where innovations and new features are offered on a rapid pace by different players, crypto portfolio tracking is becoming a more complex topic.   What is a Crypto Portfolio? A crypto assets portfolio is […]

Automate crypto trading strategies

If you are a crypto trader, you know how demanding crypto assets trading can be. In order to keep up with the highly volatile crypto market you either follow the charts 24/7 or you pay the opportunity cost. Even if you have a high degree of expertise, time is actually the most important asset you […]