crypto regulation in US

Regulations are important for digital assets investors to keep up with because they make handling cryptocurrency easier and help know the dos and don’ts. However, the bad and good of regulations are an issue of debate among investors. Some believe crypto shouldn’t be regulated, while others think rules can help bring orderliness to the already […]

crypto regulation in asia

Crypto regulation has become a mandatory subject of discussion, especially since crypto-related crimes have increased. While parliamentary bodies in continents like Europe have formed the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) Regulation, countries in other continents have begun discussing how to regulate the activities of the cryptocurrency markets to reduce crypto-related crimes and protect investors. Countries […]

crypto regulation in europe

Cryptocurrency was introduced to the world in 2009, and since then, it has grown in adoption and use case. However, it has also experienced “abuse” because people have used it to carry out scams, fund terrorism, etc. Many of these happenings— including the latest FTX exchange crash that saw billions of dollars wiped away from […]

order book

Information is key, and this also rings true in the investment world. When drafting strategies and making investment decisions, it is always good to consult as many forms of data as you can find on the asset, as data is king, after all. By studying data, you’ll be able to create more intelligent and fact-backed […]

crypto signals

Crypto signals have gained immense popularity in the last few years. The reason isn’t farfetched: they save traders the stress of scouring the market in search of trading opportunities and keeping up with the immense options in the market (especially in a trending market). As crypto signals have grown in popularity, so as the controversies they […]

power of compounding

Compounding, as the name implies, means stacking or combining parts to make up a whole. In finance, compounding can be defined as a process where an invested capital’s profits are reinvested along with the capital continuously, thus generating higher profits. Warren Buffet— the world’s most renowned investor— says that compounding plays a significant role in […]

quantitative trading

Statistics simply means collecting data to make informed decisions. In quantitative trading, using statistics is inevitable because the basis of quant trading relies on statistics. Quantitative trading can be defined as a trading strategy formed on quantitative analysis, which uses mathematical techniques to seek out trading opportunities. Big financial corporations mainly use quant trading, as […]

what is a crypto bot

Crypto trading and volatility are tightly knit together in the crypto market. The market fluctuations and constant analysis it requires make it difficult for investors to cope. Emotions also come into play, thereby tampering with rational analysis and trading actions. This is why crypto bots were launched— to handle automated trades at all times of […]

We are witnessing defining moments in an industry that innovated at the edge of society. We all have seen how the past week played out, especially for retail investors. Vestinda and our users were not affected by the turbulence in the market, but we sympathize with those who were. This should never happen. At Vestinda, […]

what are futures

In a world filled with uncertainties, making a solid, fail-proof plan is like adding HVAC systems to your home in the summer to maintain warmth during the winter— this is what futures is all about. Futures are agreements between buyers and sellers to sell/buy a commodity at a particular price at a future date/time. This […]