Top 5 Most Popular Trading Strategies

In the world of trading, many factors come to play in driving a trader’s decision in the market. But to become a successful trader, you have to follow some strategies to guide your choices. Trading strategies keep traders firm in their principles and prevent careless decisions driven by emotions. This article will be digging deep […]

Crypto as long term investment

What is long term investment? In order to understand what a long term investment is, let’s break it into its parts as if it was a rocket ship we planned to take to the moon. No pun intended! The word investment is connected with the word ‘invest’. To invest, means to put one’s money in […]

crypto day trading

What is day trading? Day trading is a style of trading in which the trader executes intraday strategies to profit off of short-term volatility in the price of a financial instrument. Unlike swing traders, day traders typically do not hold a position overnight. They finish the day flat regardless of their position won or lost. […]

Guide to paper trading

If you’re a beginner at trading, you have probably heard about paper trading but might not be 100% sure what it is or how it works. This trading mode has been quite a common way to practice for a lot of crypto traders out there, and has established a high level of relevance within the […]

Automate crypto trading strategies

If you are a crypto trader, you know how demanding crypto assets trading can be. In order to keep up with the highly volatile crypto market you either follow the charts 24/7 or you pay the opportunity cost. Even if you have a high degree of expertise, time is actually the most important asset you […]